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Non Status Car Finance

We at WOW Car Finance are experts in getting people with poor credit and CCJs the best possible non status car finance deal in the UK. As one of our customers you will receive sound advice in getting you the car you want for the best possible finance deal. We focus on your wants and your needs to help secure car finance. We want you to drive away in a new car.

Non Status Car Finance from for car finance when you have a poor credit history can be a difficult process. Lenders nowadays are often too nervous to approve loans to people they believe to be unsecure. We at WOW Car Finance the people with a bad credit score are still responsible and reliable enough to be able to make their monthly repayments.

We have spent the past 3 decades developing the perfect non status car finance package because we know that just because one lender has said no; it doesn’t mean that you’re unreliable. A poor credit score is developed because you may have missed one payment, then the lender refuses to approve any more loans. So you go and ask another lender, he sees the previous rejection and gets nervous, so he says no too. It can very quickly spiral into a bad credit rating.

Having one lease or loan application rejected should not make you an undesirable candidate for financing. Unfortunately your financial record can stay on your records for years. But fear not, we won’t judge you on it. We know how helpful a vehicle will be to you and your lifestyle. We trust you to never miss a payment because you’ve already experienced to struggles of financial judgements. We also know you’ll understand how important having a car on credit is. Getting car credit and making every single monthly repayment on time with boost your credit rating. That means you’ll never have to experience lenders saying no again.

Other companies are too worried to approve applications with ease. Their process will be long and laborious, they may ask sensitive, personal questions. They may make it difficult because they don’t actually want you to get a car. That is where WOW Car Finance is different.

We have a very simple process in place. All you have to do it fill out our online form, wait for your approval code then give us a call. We are a friendly and understanding bunch, we will not judge you of your past and we’ll be sympathetic to your current situation. Mostly, we are here to help you get financing so you can finally achieve your dream of owning a car.

Guaranteed Non Status Car Finance

It’s simple, just follow these easy steps:

  • Fill in the online form
  • Wait a few seconds for your preliminary acceptance reference number
  • Call our Freephone number and quote your reference to get it agreed
  • Come in and choose your car!


“Hi Phil, just a big thanks regarding my purchase of the Range Rover from your company and to say that I am very pleased with it. Couldn’t have asked for a better company. Hope you do well in your venture. Thanks.”
Joe at Knowsley Travel

“Phil, it was great to meet you all today. I not only bought a great car I felt I had made some new friends. I have bought many new cars and many second hand ones too, but I have never felt as comfortable as I did with you. Thank you very much and I will be in touch re a Range Rover very soon. ”.
Simon: Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.

“A year and a half down the line the BMW my husband got me as a surprise present is still proving to be a brilliant purchase. We've not had to do anything to it and it runs superbly. We'd have no hesitation in taking another of your cars and we wish you all the very best with Motorclick”.
Nicky in Sheffield.

“Thank you so much for all your help when buying my new car. It’s an amazing car and like you say your cars really do sell themselves. I will be sending all my friends to you and would recommend you to anyone. You are all really professional and looked after me from start to finish.”
Lauren: Siddal, Halifax

Hi Phil, I can’t tell you how happy you have made me finding the car I wanted. You listened to what I asked for and you got it, in what three hours maybe? Great job and a great guy to deal with. Thank you so much, you make dealing with a car dealer so easy and we are not even in the same country.
Clement: County Wicklow, Southern Ireland

“I knew the car, age and specification that I wanted. Motorclick sourced it quickly and the whole transaction went far smoother than I ever imagined. Within two weeks I was driving in my new Audi Q5 and was very happy. It was a pleasure dealing with Phillip and Lisa. Real professionals”.
David: Prestwich, North Manchester.

“Just a short mail to say thanx so much for the smooth sale of our new Volvo V50 R Design Sport SE. We both really appreciated your genuine loyalty towards us, not just as another customer but as people too. Also the fact we were left alone to make our own minds up without the hard sell salesmen approach.
Paul and Teresa: North Manchester

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